Covid-19 Safe Working Policy.



The Gateway recognises that safe working practices are an essential part of the duties of all members of the Centre community and seeks to encourage staff, volunteers and user participation in such practices. 


This guidance is to help colleagues to understand how to work safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It gives us a focus to re-start our Centre activities and is closely aligned to official Government Guidance


As the Government’s advice continues to evolve, we anticipate that this document may be updated over time.




We have a legal responsibility to protect colleagues and others from risks to their health & safety.  We need to think about and reduce the risks to the lowest possible practicable level, whilst recognising that we cannot completely eliminate the risk of Covid-19. In order to help us to manage risk and to protect people, the Gateway has conducted a Covid-19 Risk Assessment.


Each tenant organisation is responsible for a Covid-19 Risk Assessment for the space they occupy but should maintain the controls introduced in the Gateway’s Risk Assessment when moving around the Centre.



The Government advises that everyone should work from home if at all possible and that there are additional considerations for individuals who may be at higher risk from Covid-19.

Under no circumstances is an individual to enter the building if they or anyone else in their household believe they are experiencing or displaying symptoms of Covid-19



All individuals are expected to follow Government guidance on social distancing.  The entrance and exit points to the Centre are clearly marked and gel sanitisers are located.  A splash barrier has been fitted in the Reception area to minimise contact opportunities with others.


Social distancing and the need for good hygiene and regular handwashing apply to all parts of the Centre.  Posters are displayed in all areas reminding personnel to maintain social distancing. All individuals should sanitise their hands before entering the communal areas.


Whilst the Centre is currently closed to the general public, tenants are able to see clients on an appointment basis.  A Covid-19 check should be made.  The client should be met at the Gateway Reception and should be advised to use the gel hand sanitiser.  At this time, there is no access to the public toilets for clients, and they should be advised of this before attending.  Clients may not attend the Centre unless they have a pre-planned appointment.



Posters are on display to remind all individuals that social distancing measure are in place. Routes around the building have been identified, with a keep left message being introduced to protect everyone.


Congestion in and out of the Courtyard and Reception area will be avoided by the introduction of a one-way flow, indicated by signage.


All staircases and corridors have signage which promotes social distancing.  Seating and tables have been re-configured and social distancing posters displayed. 


Clear signage is in place regarding the use of lifts, toilets and communal kitchens.  Signage has been placed at exit points and in toilets to remind individuals of good hand-washing/sanitising techniques.


Any spaces that cannot be used will be clearly indicated.




Caretakers and cleaners are to ensure the cleanliness of all areas and are to pay particular attention to high touch areas such as light switches, door handles, door plates and handrails.


Individuals should limit or restrict the of high-touch items and equipment for example keyboards and printers.


Workspaces should be cleared and the waste removed at the end of each day.


Government advice is that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is of limited benefit unless you are working in a clinical setting or cleaning.  Where you are already using PPE in your work activity to protect against non-COVID-19 risks, you should continue to do so.




Wash your hands after using the toilet, before eating and if you cough/sneeze onto your hands follow the 20-second hand-washing rule. (You can also use hand sanitiser)


Cough/Sneeze into your sleeve, preferably your elbow.  If you use a tissue discard it properly and clean/sanitise your hands immediately.


Open the windows regularly to ensure open ventilation.


Avoid touching your face, particularly eyes, nose and mouth with your hands to prevent from getting infected.


The capacity of the meeting rooms has been re-calculated, dependent on layout in order to maintain social distancing.  All chairs will be placed apart so that this can be maintained.


All meeting room areas will be cleaned and high touch areas disinfected prior to use.  Hand sanitiser will be provided in the meeting rooms, but it is recommended that anyone using/hiring a room brings their own supply.  The hirer must ensure that they bring wipes/disinfectant and that the high touch areas are sanitised in between seeing clients.


To avoid transmission during meetings, it is requested that individuals avoid sharing pens


Signage is in place to remind individuals about social distancing.  Individuals are requested to maintain social distancing when entering the room, and to exit the room one at a time depending on where the door(s) is located.




The Gateway has a responsibility to treat everyone equally and in applying this guidance we are mindful of the particular needs of different groups of colleagues or individuals.  We are also conscious that Covid-19 appears to be impacting certain individuals, groups and communities differently.


In applying this guidance, the Gateway will:

  • Understand and take into account the particular needs of those with different protected characteristics.

  • Involve and communicate appropriately with colleagues and individuals whose protected characteristics might expose them to a different degree of risk.

  • Consider whether we need to put in place and particular measures or adjustments under equalities legislation.

  • Make sure that this guidance does not have an unjustifiable negative impact on some groups compared to others.



Government Guidance on Working Safely


HSE’s latest news and advice on Covid-19


How to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment

To be read in conjunction with the Gateway’s Health and Safety Policy, Venue Hirers H&S Document and the Gateway’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment - copies of which can be requested from the Gateway

This guidance will be updated as necessary to reflect the continuous reviewing of the Covid-19 pandemic.