Room 1.


At full capacity, this room seats 20 people.


At 2m social distance, this room seats 10 people.


At 1m social distance, this room seats 12 people.

This room is suitable for:

Meetings / Forums

Training Sessions

Clubs and groups (not messy craft)


What’s in the room?

Smart Board


Water Cooler

Flipchart Stand


What can be provided extra?

Flipchart Pad

Adapter for MAC to projector

Access to conference calling facility



WIFI – Yes

LAN / Internet Connection - No

Air Conditioning – Yes

Heater - Yes

Adjustable Lighting – No

Natural Light - Yes

Blinds - No

Flooring – Carpet

Ceiling – High

Echo - Medium

Configurations – Boardroom Style only



Access to Room 1 is by stairs or lift directly to the door.



This room is not adjacent to any offices and the sound does not carry.  The entrance to the room is glass and cannot be shuttered off. 



There is a multi access toilet on the same level and another down a short flight of stairs on the level below.