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the GATEWAY Charter.

the GATEWAY is an independent charity working with local voluntary and statutory organisations in Warrington. the GATEWAY and all of its tenants are committed to improving the quality of life of the people in Warrington by:


  • Providing a joint ‘first stop shop’ giving advice, support, information and 

  • opportunities for all.

  • Enabling the voluntary sector to work together, and in partnership with 

  • others, effectively and efficiently. 


In order to achieve these aims we will:

  • Work in genuine partnership with voluntary groups and other organisations 

  • to develop new and better ways to deliver services.

  • Help provide access for Warrington people into a seamless, quality 

  • service of information, advice and support.

  • Provide opportunities for, and support for volunteering where appropriate.


Work together in ways which deliver good practice in areas such as:

  • Confidentiality

  • Referral systems

  • Employment practice

  • Health and safety

  • Equal opportunities

  • Anti-discrimination

  • Sustainability


Seek to achieve quality standard marks such as the Community Legal Service Quality Mark.

  • Share resources, information and equipment etc. where possible.

  • Contribute financial resources according to the agreed framework, 

  • recognising differences in organisations ability to pay.

  • Provide support to one another with areas of expertise.

  • Take an active part in meetings and networks within the GATEWAY.

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